All You Need To Know About Commercial Event Tents

Commercial Tent Structure

When you require a commercial size portable structure for whatever use, you will certainly want the best. Perhaps you need shelter as quickly as possible, or maybe you have to erect a warehouse as soon as possible. Since commercial event tents are designed with sturdy fabric, they can withstand outdoor elements. So, if you here the term ‘tent’ and camping items of you scout years is what comes to mind, don’t worry. That is not what industrial tents are meant to do. They are industrial level strength products.

Most of the commercial tents out there are designed with the latest technology to ensure they resist elements with their strength and durability. If you find a tent with galvanized tubing, the top won’t suffer from white rust. A commercial event tent provides an insulated room for your activities. The fabric of these structures is meant to inhibit light transmission, thus enabling you to create an interior environment like you would with a brick and mortar structure.

Why Choose An Industrial Tent?

Perhaps you are planning for an outdoor event such as a concert, sporting event or even a wedding. Perhaps you want a temporary place of work for an auto shop or car dealer space that is currently undergoing construction. Such a shelter is also ideal for temporary living after a natural disaster such as an earthquake, hurricane or tornado.
Portable structures have numerous uses and do not have a long-term commitment. You can buy or rent commercial event tents for any allotment of time. They also come in various designs and sizes. You may want a smaller tent for things like a temporary lunch space. You may want to a small structure for storage purposes or may want a large one for conferences, tradeshows or an outdoor wedding. You can also fit a stage, sound system seating, lighting for events athletic events and concerts using one of the larger shelters.
Any outdoor event that attracts a large crowd can use one of these industrial tents. They are ideal for VIP tents when it comes to planning for festivals, fairs and more. This is particularly true when you are expecting inclement weather during a special event. As mentioned above, they can withstand most weather elements.

The type of event you want to hold or the use of the structure usually determines the size of the commercial tent you should choose. Just consider the size to be another variable in selecting a portable commercial tent.
As with any other product or service, it is advisable to rent or purchase a commercial tent from a renowned company. Not every tent dealer will provide sturdy and durable commercial tents at a fair price. Do some research and choose a company that has been in the industry for several years and also offers custom size solutions. Also, the company of choice should have information regarding the impact of wind, hail, and temperatures. Ideally, look for a company located in your area for better and easily accessible services.

Beautiful Lighting Ideas For Commercial Event Tents

Commercial Event Tent

Commercial event tents can be fabulous for providing shelter at outdoor events or get-togethers. If you are holding your event at night, however, you will have to come up with a way to provide light inside the tent. Otherwise, your guests will have to gather in darkness.

The good news is, there are many stunning ways that you can light these tents that don’t cost a fortune. The right lighting can help set the tone for the entire event. Because of that, it is worth putting some careful thought into choosing lighting. Here are some great ideas to get you started:

1. String lights

Using white LED string lights is a great way to bring light into the space while simultaneously creating a light and festive atmosphere. You can either wrap the string lights around the support structures for the tent, or you can attach them in a radiating pattern from the center support poles out to the edge. The second option provides a much more elaborate look. However, it can be time-consuming to implement and can take a lot of lights. The choice really comes down to how much money you are willing to invest and how much time you have for setting up the lighting.

2. Paper lanterns

Lightweight and affordable, paper lanterns are another great option for lighting a commercial tent. For an elegant, sophisticated look, choose white lanterns with white bulbs. Alternatively, you can make things more festive by going with colored or printed lanterns. There are many options available. Check your local party supply shops to see what all is out there. You may be surprised by how many choices you have.

3. Projected lights

Another option is to use spotlights or track lights that can project light up onto the roof of the tent, creating a wash of light over the entire area. These lights are usually mounted to the outer frame of the tent, projecting light inward toward the center of the tent. If you go with this option, you may need to hire someone to help you with lighting design since it is a little bit more complex than some of the other choices.

4. LED lanterns

For a traditional look, you can also hang metal lanterns down the middle of the tent or around the edges. Rather than using candle lanterns, however, you should look for LED lanterns. These lanterns give the same effect as a flickering candle without the associated fire hazard. This can be a great way to create a warm, inviting setting for your guests.

One of the challenges of renting commercial event tents is figuring out how to light them if your event is going to go late into the evening. All of the lighting options mentioned above are attractive and relatively easy to implement. To determine which one is the best choice for your event go to, think about the overall mood that you want to evoke for your guests. By choosing the right lighting, you can help create the perfect backdrop for your gathering.

Party Tent Rentals Are A Nice Way To Improve Events

Party Tent
Party Tent

You need to find out more about party tent rentals if you want to get the best ones for an event. It can also help you to learn a little more about the benefits that are associated with them. Get to know more about these things here to get started with them.

Make a note of all of the people that have rentals to offer that help you to get good tents for cheap. One good company is Regal Tent and you will find that they have a lot of great prices so you don’t have to spend time wondering if you are getting the best deal. You are going to want to make sure you have a budget in mind because you can let the company know when you call them what you can afford just to avoid any problems with overpaying.

Ask the company what kind of tent sizes there are going to be. Some of them probably are not going to fit around a small area or it may not be large enough to help cover a bigger one. That’s why you need to ask the people you’re renting the property from what kind of square footage you have to work with. If you aren’t able to find out that way, you can always measure it yourself. Find out how long and wide the space is, and then know that you need room to set up the tent so you want to allow for an extra foot or two on all sides
for the stakes.

Events are going to last a certain amount of time usually, so see what kind of price you have to pay per hour if possible. If you need to rent them by the day then it’s nice to know if you have to rush to get it back by a certain time or if you have some leeway. You may need to ask to keep it for longer in some cases, which is fine if you inform the company that you are renting it from.

Tents need to be taken care of during your party. Sometimes people can get rowdy, especially if there is drinking. You probably will have to agree to pay for any damage that is done to the tent. That could cost you quite a bit of money and will be really easy to avoid. Just let anyone know that seems to be getting out of hand or that is messing with the tent setup that they need to stop. Then, if nothing happens and they keep acting out, you have every right to kick them out of the event if you have to.

Party tent rentals can be a great way to help keep an event comfortable. They can also give people a place to gather so they’re not just wandering around not knowing where it’s okay to be. Find the right rental business and things should go well for you.