Save Money With Flexible Enterprise Workforce Management Solutions


Keeping track of your workforce is a time consuming and difficult task. There are so many things to have to manage and you aren’t always accurate which is likely to cost you money. With enterprise workforce management automation from TimeTrex, you will have an easier time keeping things running smoothly.

TimeTrex makes managing time and attendance easy. You are going to get accurate figures and you can track employee time from anywhere. TimeTrex also helps you to with employee scheduling and you can track sick time and vacations. You will be able to process payroll and even handle employee skills and qualifications.

TimeTrex allows you to allocate job times and track expenses even when the employees are in the field. One of the unique features of TimeTrex is that it uses facial recognition technology that can turn a smartphone or tablet into a time clock. You can mount the time clock near a door or other area. The employees can even be wearing glasses or a hat and it will still recognize them.

TimeTrex also monitors employee attendance and you can access these records from anywhere. You won’t have to wait until the end of pay periods to review these records. It is also easy to set up employee accruals that will track vacations and sick days. Employees can look up this information themselves so they know how much time they can take off.

Scheduling becomes much easier when you use TimeTrex. You will find that it is easy to automate rotating schedules and employees can access them too and even sync them to their smartphones. You can easily schedule from 2 to 200 employees over many weeks. Complicated schedules become much easier with TimeTrex.

When it comes to requesting time off, your employees can submit their requests directly to TimeTrex. This will help to avoid any communication issues and you can even have each request go through multiple authorization levels. Employees can modify their schedules from anywhere if they are authorized and they will have 24/7 access to their schedules.

If payroll duties are taking up too much of your time and your budget, let TimeTrex handle the details for you. You can instantly prepare payroll with just a click and the software is even going to calculate all the taxes and can do custom deductions for benefits and insurance. TimeTrex will quickly and easily generate tax reports and they can handle direct deposit. You are going to save time and money when you use this system.

TimeTrex has options that suit every size company and budget. They will give you a free demo so you can see for yourself how it will work to make your company run easier and more efficiently. If you are tired of spending time and money working on enterprise workforce management, you need TimeTrex to help make things easier. The system is going to provide you with the accurate data you need and save you money.